07 03 11  08:26  - F5J goes FAI II.

Some time has passed since proposed rule text was submitted to FAI and first impressions are already rolling in. First, a quick summary of the proposal:

What we created here is basically F3J without a winch, with "time on the line" replaced by "launch height". It really was the only option as long as people insisted on timing duration of flight as a measure of one's success.

By now we have first devices available that enable us to organize such competition:

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16 07 10  10:55  - 3rd Eurocup, Hungary

Since I totaly forgot to mention 2nd Eurocup event in Holič, let me mention mention Hungary event even before the invitation is out.

SInce we had bad luck with weather in Krško, we have decided to organize two competitions in same weekend in Hungary. Friday and Saturday morning we'll fly Slovenian Eurocup and Saturday afternoon and Sunday we'll fly Hungarian Eurocup. Place of the event is now an airfield near Matko and we have some pictures from the F3J event that was held there recently. Time is the same, second weekend in September, 10-12.9. 2010. More details will follow soon!

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26 06 10  22:15  - F5J goes FAI

I'm sure that you already know that a working group was formed at the last FAI meeting in April with the task to put together worldwide F5J rules, acceptable for all. Since I already invested some time into transforming our Eurocup rules discussion and modification into a process, I was appointed to represent a voice of Slovenia in the working group.

Since the working group hasn't yet produced any definite agreements, there's nothing to show officialy. Instead, let me report on one of the possible compromises we're likely to end up with. (more)

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01 04 10  22:13  - 1st eurocup 2010 Krško

After some comlications and a change of organizer at the last minute, here it is: Invitation to Krško, Slovenia, 2010. Most of the info you will get from the slovenian forum. While you are there, you can check a video and some pictures from the last year ;)

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23 12 09  10:58  - Winter calm

Winter is usualy calm in RC modeling scene. Not much flying, but there is much more talking and behind-the-scenes going on. We already have the dates for 2010 Eurocup events, we're prepairing a revision of rules for 2011 season and I'm working on a facelift of this page :)

Rewritten rules are based on Slovenian expirience and are basically the same thing as today, just written in a more organized way. We're going to fly them in 2010 and fix any problems that show up during the season. I'll write more about it when I get initial feedbacks from other Eurocup members.

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16 04 09  14:37  - 1st Eurocup 2009, Krško

Invitation for the first Eurocup event of 2009 has just been posted. The event will be hosted by modeling club Krško at their beautiful location south of town Krško. This year will bring an expansion of 400 category with various small brushless vairants that have sprung into life everywhere. That's a bit of an experiment, but I think it's necessary in order to find common ground as broad as possible and acceptable to everyone.

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05 08 08  21:21  - 3rd Eurocup 2008, Kiskunfélegyháza

Hungarians will have their competition at the new place for F5J, but already known to F3J pilots. Invitation here.

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13 06 08  09:52  - 2nd eurocup 2008, Nitra

The invitation is already up. Let's hope we'll have weather as perfect as last year!

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